Wordpress Without LIMIT | Project Nami | Microsoft Azure (SaaS)

Project Nami Project Nami can be defined in a single sentence, "Wordpress Without Limit" Question arises here that when Wordpress had LIMIT? If you are aware of Microsoft Azure you would be having an idea that if we notice SaaS options available for Wordpress under Web + Mobile. The only amazing one was Wordpress with MySQL. MySQL was provided my ClearDB and was just 20mb instance. Which means if you exceed it and you are having Azure Bizspark Subscription? This is not an ideal stuff. Other option was always setting up a VM on Ubuntu and installing Wordpress but it took a lot of time. 
Project Nami is Wordpress with Azure SQL . Which means that you need not to pay for MySQL anymore. Just use your Azure credits and and deploy your Wordpress sites using project Nami with Azure SQL. Which now means Wordpress without any LIMIT.  Video above demonstrates the process of deploying a Wordpress Site using project Nami in Microsoft Azure. Whereas you can click on the button below and…

Azure Fabric Controller

The Azure Fabric Controller functions as the kernal of the Azure operating system.  stores, delivers, monitors and commands the virtual machines  and physical servers that make up Azure. This video discuss about Microsoft Azure fabric controller.

Virtual Machines in Microsoft Aure.

With Microsoft Azure Create virtual machines for on-premises servers, or scale up to the cloud to help balance resources and increase your application’s availability. Virtual Machines can integrate Azure cloud capacity into your datacenter for global load balancing when you need it, or access true, on-demand HPC capabilities in the cloud. This video discusses about Microsoft Virtual Machines and its deployments.

Microsoft Azure Components

To learn more about Microsoft Azure and its microservices you should learn about components provided by Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure have different components from Compute to Web+Mobile and each of the category is having different types of and number of services. To explore more of Microsot Azure we would explore more of Azure components and services.

Microsoft Azure Paas | IaaS

In previous posts we have discussed about Microsoft Azure briefly. Now is time to get know about Azure PaaS and Iaas with deep dive. Here we discuss capabilities of Microsoft Azure to serve PaaS and IaaS.

What is Cloud Computing

In pervious blog post we discussed about Microsoft Azure and its providing IaaS and Paas. Before we dig more into it. For those who are not having an idea about cloud computing must know about it. When you are talking about cloud computing it talks about cloud. There are three types of cloud,
1- Public Cloud
2- Private Cloud
3- Hybrid Cloud

Example of public cloud may be Gmail or Outlook or any of the public internet mail services provided to you.

Example of Private cloud can be any of the systems which is only accessible to the organization only.

Video above discusses about Cloud Computing.

Introduction to Azure

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft's Cloud which is available PaaS and IaaS. Here Paas defines to be Platform as a Service and IaaS defines to be Infrastructure as a service. Microsoft Azure is one of the best cloud solutions available in market with its diverse services. This video above describes about Microsoft Azure and its services.

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